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Recruitment Service

Recruitment works best when the target list of companies can be easily defined. If a client is looking for an individual with a specific skill set, or from a competitive organisation then headhunting is normally the best methodology. Our process is simple, yet robust, and our clients are able to track every step of our progress through our secure password protected client area. After meeting with you and gaining a thorough understanding of your needs we will research your competitors and other relevant companies to decide which are most likely to contain your ideal candidate. The next stage is to identify the high achievers within these target businesses and approach them directly presenting your opportunity to them. The result of every approach is documented and available for you to see via our secure client area meaning you will always be fully informed and feel in control of the process. All interesting candidates are then put through a series of interviews and undergo psychometric profiling before the shortlist if forwarded to you. The shortlist contains detailed CVs for each candidate, in depth interview notes and psychometric reports as well as salary requirements and reasons for interest in your role, putting you in the ideal position to secure the candidate you want.

Executive recruitment and headhunting pipeline

  • Research Target Companies / Sources
  • Identification of potential candidates
  • Approach Calls & set up Interviews
  • Consultant Evaluation Interviews
  • Shortlist Decided Candidate reports written
  • Client Presentation & Interviews
  • Client Feedback & Evaluation
  • Second Round Client Interview
  • Decision on Preferred Candidate
  • Negotiation of Offer
  • Draft letter of Offer
  • Reference Checks and Medical
  • Acceptance / Appointment
  • Follow up at 1,2,3 & 6 months with Client and Candidate.


  • Strategy Thinking - Recruitment Road Map
  • Competency base Evaluation
  • Business Survey
  • Assessment of Reference Checking
  • Candidate Social Networking

Assignment Characteristics

  • Significant consulting process before work begins
  • Makes full use of judgmental skills of a good consultant in creating the brief and advising the client.
  • In-depth professional evaluation (Competency Base Evaluation) of candidates required.
  • Work more qualitative.

Outplacement Service

Outplacement as professional counselling by the employee for an employee or several employees who have been made redundant. The goal for the employee is searching a new job, which related to their identified qualifications and needs. The positive advantage for the client is Avoid legal problems, positive company image, good relations with terminated employees, developed employee morale and productivity.

Outplacement Service

Employee Survey is one of the key means through which your organization can define and measure whether it is creating the necessary energy and purpose to ensure that great results occur. Qre Professional will help you ask the right questions, understand what the results mean and prioritize actions and in doing so help your organisation and your people achieve their potential.